Source Fitted Diaper and Wool in Two Review and Giveaway

Carrie from Source sent me a Fitted Diaper and Wool in Two to review.

Image  Image

The fitted diaper is a size medium (15-28 lbs). {ARV $24}

It has  a snap in soaker for quick drying time, which I love.

It’s made from a super soft bamboo velour and is something Carrie is testing out.


The closure is side snaps, with four sizing options on each side.

My 9 month old is just barely 15 lbs but it did fit on her pretty well with the smallest setting.

There was a small gap around the legs but we did not have any leaking problems with it.

We got a great fit on my 25 lb 2.5 year old.


She is thin and this fitted fits her on the second to smallest snap setting.

The Wool in Two is also a size medium. {ARV $39}


The outer shell is a cute wool with hand drawn  embroidered applique and is  lined with a thinner ivory jersey.


There are also four adjustment settings on each side.

Here it is on my 9 month old.

We did get a snug fit on the waist but there is a gap in the leg openings.

I tried snapping the bottom snaps to the top row and it ‘kind of’ worked.

We never had a  leak with this one either.

Again, this fits my 25 lb 2.5 year old pretty well.

We actually snapped this on the smallest setting, but I think if there were a fitted underneath instead of the soaker, than we would have used a larger setting.

Overall, we really like these source diapers!

My 9 month old has a little growing to do, but knowing these will fit her for the rest of her diapering time is awesome!

We had great success with the fitted diaper (under a cover) for both day and nighttime use.

The Wool in Two worked well for day and nighttime use as well.

I also tried the fitted under the Wool cover and really liked that combination for overnight use.

It has been a win all around!

You can purchase cute diaper like these or some other great suff here on Source’s website.

You can enter to win a Wool in Two here.

It will be gender neutral (similar color to my fitted) and you will pick the size.

I was not paid to write this review. I exchanged my review for this product. These are my own opinions.

107 thoughts on “Source Fitted Diaper and Wool in Two Review and Giveaway

  1. I like the small sweets wool and fitted combo. I have not tried fitters or wool so this would be a good combo to try. I also like the med bubbles and Pul AI2.

  2. They are all so cute I can’t decide! I love the peas and carrots, the beach one with the crab, and the bugs wool and fitted set.

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